204. Y'all We Asian w/ Yola Lu

Yola Lu is a comedian and actress based out of Austin, TX. She is the co-founder of Y'all We Asian, Austin's first and only all-Asian American improv troupe. She also is the 2022 Austin Chronicle Best Actress winner, and is currently in post production of her short film, Patsy. You can see her perform with her all female-identifying improv troupe, Garage, every Thursday at the Fallout Theater, and with Y'all We Asian every first Friday of the month also at Fallout Theater. She also hosts a monthly stand up show called Oops! All Headliners which is every last Saturday of the month at ColdTowne Theater.

NOTE: This episode covers topics related to miscarriages and depression. This episode was recorded in June 2023.

Topics Covered:

• Feeling the pressure of being at times the only woman or Asian comic on a standup lineup across Texas.
• What motivated Yola to pursue more creative endeavors for a career instead of a more corporate path.
• Describing what it felt like to perform standup for the first time and how she knew she did well.
• Directing, producing and promoting neighborhood productions as a kid.
• Her parents perspective on the neighborhood productions and encouragement in her life.
• What inspires her standup material?
• Taboo topics around divorce and miscarriages and her short film, "Patsy".
• The importance of mental health and therapy and the differences between generations of Asian Americans.
• What brought Yola to Austin and how she found community and stability here.
• Starting Y'all We Asian and aspirations for the future.

Materials Referenced

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204. Y'all We Asian w/ Yola Lu
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